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The Universal Clipdraw is possibly the easiest, most universal, ambidextrous, and the best product available on the market today to allow you to carry a handgun concealed on your person!

#SA fits any semi-automatic

The "Universal" Clipdraw attaches in seconds with 3M Corp. #4941 VHB (very high bond) double coated tape.
VHB tape is used in the construction and aircraft industries as a replacement for rivets.
It provides a 20 lb. continuous bond that resists oil, solvents, heat and vibration.
Heavy recoil and rapid slide movement have no effect on the bond strength between gun and Clipdraw.
The Clipdraw stays solidly in place with adhesion actually increasing over time.

The "Universal" Clipdraw consists of two parts.
The “mounting plate” attaches to the gun with the double coated tape.
The “clip” part screws to the mounting plate with two 1/8" button head screws.

Switching to a holster is simple.
Just remove the clip part and in most cases the gun can be holstered with the low profile mounting plate left in place.
No need to remove and replace the tape each time.

#SA mounts on either side of the slide or frame.
Mounting requires just 3" x 1/4" of flat surface which can include grooved or textured areas. VHB tape provides full adhesion on steel, aluminum or polymer surfaces.

The mounting plate can be located for preferred depth of carry, low for maximum concealment, high for maximum accessibility.

To remove the mounting plate simply pry it off with a thin blade screwdriver.
Stretch release technology provides instant and clean removal leaving no adhesive residue or blemish to the finish.

Included with each Universal Clipdraw are six strips of tape (one required and five extras),
six alcohol prep pads for cleaning surfaces prior to applying the tape,
four screws (two required and two extras) and one allen wrench.

Customer Comments


"I recently purchased a Universal Clipdraw #SA, and am very satisfied with it's convenience and performance.
As such I wish to purchase an additional #SA for use with a large frame semi-auto pistol.
My check is enclosed.

After 39 years on the job, many of them under cover, I usually scorned using a holster. I've always preferred carrying "Mexican style",
as the Clipdraw does allow.
Your product is gaining interest here in Northern California, particularly with police officers working in
undercover capacities. Keep up the good work!"

Sacramento, CA.


I have been using my Clipdraw for a Glock 30 for several days now. My weapon is much more secure and concealed than with any
other off duty holster that I have tried. It was a snap to install. Thanks much.

T. T., North Carolina


Like most law enforcement officers, I have a box full of contraptions and holsters for the various handguns I've carried throughout my career.
It's nice to know that your product works as promised ! !
Although I was skeptical as to how well the Clipdraw would hold my Glock 27, I decided to give it a try.

I live in South Carolina and the weather is very hot and humid during the summer and I hardly carry a gun off duty
b/c of the wardrobe requirements (shorts and T-shirt).

I have carried my Glock with the Clipdraw in the most scorching of SC summers without having to wear a concealment garment
or having to adjust my pants. I have yet to have the pistol fall out of my pants, as some colleagues suggested,
or having to hike up my shorts or wear some strange belt to support the weight.

The Clipdraw works as promised and as a self professed gadget nut, I am extremely pleased with your product.
It's hardly noticeable and extremely comfortable, unlike the box full of holsters and contraptions that I've retired and sworn never to use again.
The Clipdraw works better than all the fancy custom leather IWB holsters I have purchased.
Installation was simple and the Clipdraw can be easily removed.

Thanks again for selling a wonderful product. I'll be sure to tell and demonstrate the to all of my colleagues.

With sincere thanks,
R.E., South Carolina


"As a peace officer who has carried a .45 ACP for almost two decades, I highly recommend the Clipdraw as a no-nonsense improvement
- equipment that is safe and does it's job."

Frank Latham
Chief of Police
Hewitt , Texas


At first when I saw your product, I was a bit skeptical. Now that I've tried it... I LOVE IT! So simple, yet better than the $200.00 worth of
(now) unused holsters in the closet! The best CCW idea yet!
Thanks for bringing this to market.

John Smutny - (April 1999)


Recent E-mail message:

Just dropping you a note to let you know that I received the new Universal Clipdraws. I think they are fantastic.
I have been a police officer for 22 years, the last 15 years for the PA State Attorney Generals Office, BUREAU OF NARCOTICS INVESTIGATIONS.
I was assigned to our Special Operations Group (Tactical Unit) and always carried large caliber handguns with the hardest thing being concealment.
Well, I can't think of a better way to carry a handgun.
It is fantastic ... dependable, comfortable, secure, safe, and if worn properly, easily accessible.
It will not interfere with the same handgun being used in a holster if desired. Great job.

Frank D., Pennsylvania


Well, you were right. I've been using the Universal Clipdraw every day for over a month. The bond to the slide had remained firm and secure.
I'll be buying a new Taurus Revolver soon and I plan to order a Universal Clipdraw for it as well.

Sam P., Houston, TX


O.K. I'm convinced. The Clipdraw #SA-B I ordered has been carrying my Springfield XD-40 just fine for the past month.
The tape works great. Now I'm ordering another one for my wife's Makarov 9x18.
And by the way, a very comfortable carry without the bulk of a holster.

M.J.R. Georgia



First off I am impressed with speed of the order I placed for several of your Clipdraw products. Ordered the stuff on the 18th of March
and it arrived today, the 22nd.
In regards to whether or not the Universal Clipdraw will work on the Ruger SP101… I can say it will.
I decided to try it and it seems to fit and work quite well.
Will test it by wearing for a week or so and probably order some more of the Clipdraws.
These things are very nice for use here in Florida due to the hot climate causing problems with clothing concealing holsters and such.
I look forward to doing more business with you.
Best regards.

David Sutcliffe


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Universal Clipdraw Fits All Semi Auto Handguns

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