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Attention magazine collectors and anyone interested in reading or studying about past times in the firearms and hunting fields. I am disposing of my complete collection of National Rifle Association publications. The following is a list of my collection.
The price for a single issue is only 50 cents plus shipping and handling. If you are interested in making an offer for the complete collection you can email me with your requests and I will compute your total cost including s&h.
There are a total of 577 issues.

American Guardian
Starting with the Premier Issue of May, 1997 thru the last issue of May, 2000
37 issues

America's 1st Freedom
Starting with the Premier Issue of June, 2000 thru current 2009 issue.
Missing May of 2002 issue.
112 issues

Shooting Illustrated
10/2002 to 8/2004 missing one issue(01/2004)
23 issues

American Rifleman
1970-have Mar., Apr., May, Aug., Sept., Aug.
1971-have Jan., Feb.
1978-have Dec.
1979-have Jan., Feb., Mar.
1984-have Oct., Nov.
1988-have May, July.
1989-have May and Dec.
1990-missing Jan. and July
1991-have all
1992-missing Oct.
1993-missing July
1994-missing July
1995-missing March
All from 1996 thru current 2009 issue
250 issues

American Hunter
1982-missing Mar., April.
1983-have Jan. thru May.
1984-have Dec.
1985-missing Dec.
1986-missing Jan., Dec.
1987-missing Jan., Feb., Mar.
1988-missing April.
1989-missing April.
1990-missing Aug.
1991, 1992, 1993-have all
1994-missing June.
1995, 1996-have all
1997-have Jan. thru April
1998-have Jan.
155 issues

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